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From single family homes to low-maintenance townhomes, each new home is built with an unwavering commitment to quality and a disciplined approach to construction.

Architectural Design

First Degree Developments Ltd. designs and builds new homes and communities with you in mind. Whether you’re buying your first home, or need something larger, our award-winning designs and floor plans are sure to meet the needs of you and your family.

3D Architectural Rendering

You can bring the architectural designs alive to you with comprehensive 3D rendering. 3D Rendering enables the prospective clients to better view their buy.

Bally Vista for sale now

Bally Vista - Luxury Townhouse in Willowgrove is for sale now. Site plan and 3D floor plans are available in Bally Vista's page.

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We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as Saskatoon's newest and most innovative home builder. Our concept for home building isn't soley based on structure alone. We incorporate the little things into our design that seperates us from the rest. As you take a virtual tour through our homes you will soon come to realize that our standard features are everyone else's idea of an upgrade. From granite window sills to real crystal lighting, we offer you the home buyer the best products available at a standard walk in price.

First Degree Developments Ltd. is more than just a development company. We are also a luxurious home builder, whether its a single family, multi family, or condominium development we take every effort to build the best with value in mind. We also provide our customers with in house Architectural design, so you get personalized attention. Please look at our list of services available and if you require something that's not on our list please ask us about it, maybe we can help you find what your looking for.

We help people save time & money. Our builders build houses and also major developments including single Family, town house, and condominiums.

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